North Lancing Primary School

Strategic Plan

The school strategic plan articulates our shared vision, mission and values. Our intention in developing this plan is to set out and communicate our ethos, values, aims and the long term direction for our school so our stakeholders are clear on where we are going and what we are aiming to achieve. Our plan was created by the governing body, senior leadership team, and staff representatives.

School Improvement Plan (SIP) – A summary for Parents

Each year key stakeholders at the school write an improvement plan. The plan focuses on any areas of the curriculum, learning environment, teaching and general running of the school that can be developed and improved. The plan also includes any targets set by OFSTED. The current plan runs for three years and we are currently in the third year.

During the three year period the overarching aim is for North Lancing to becoming an outstanding school and for pupils’ attainment to match our high expectations. The plan is arranged into five priority sections. Each section has an umbrella aim and then specific tasks that will help to achieve the aim. All tasks are time scaled and the impact measurable. Below is a summary of the improvement plan. If you would like to see the plan in its entirety please contact the school office for a copy.

Self-Evaluation Form (SEF) – A summary for Parents

The school will evaluate itself regularly against OFSTED criteria. The criteria are separated into four categories:

  • the quality of education
  • behaviour and attitudes
  • personal development
  • leadership and management

The school will then give each category a grade in line with OFSTED inspection grades:

  • grade 1 (outstanding)
  • grade 2 (good)
  • grade 3 (requires improvement)
  • grade 4 (inadequate)

This form provides inspectors with an overview of where the school assesses itself to be. Judgements are based on numerous evidence trails, data and judgements by outside agencies.