North Lancing Primary School


At North Lancing Primary school we intend to build a Design Technology and Food Nutrition curriculum which is inspiring and practical. We want to develop creativity and imagination when designing, making and evaluating products in a host of contexts thinking carefully about the needs, wants and values of the others. We intend for all of our children to acquire the appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum and create cross curricular links to other subjects thus making learning more meaningful.


Design and Technology is an important part of school life and learning, it teaches knowledge and skills needed for life in the wider world and it often highlights passions and skills which lead onto life choices such as profession. The design technology curriculum will be delivered through:

  • A well thought out, whole school, yearly overview of the Design Technology curriculum which allows for progress across all year groups in all areas of DT and cooking nutrition.
  • Well planned and well-resourced projects which provide children with the opportunities to create individualised plans followed by hands on tasks and time to evaluate for improvement.
  • A range of skills being taught as well as an awareness of health and safety relating to their tasks.
  • Exciting cross curricular projects which address the principles of designing, making and evaluating and the incorporation of relevant technical knowledge and understanding.
  • Pupils being introduced to designers, chefs etc. and supporting them to understand and appreciate human creativity, achievement and diversity and increase their cultural capital of which they can draw in in the future.

As a school North Lancing supports the Design Technology and Cooking Nutrition curriculum with summer term gardening clubs, through science lessons which discuss food origins and the importance of maintaining a balanced, healthy diet and how to obtain this. Through the growing of vegetables including tomatoes, beans and herbs and discussions around the care and harvesting of these foods.  

Throughout the EYFS the children of North Lancing use a variety of media and materials through self-initiated and teacher led activities. Our Early Years children express their own ideas when using a range of different materials; they use what they have learnt in original ways and are encouraged to think critically about form, function and purpose. With support they make plans for construction with a purpose in mind and develop the skills to use simple tools and techniques appropriately, effectively and safely. They are encouraged to select appropriate resources for tasks and adapt their work where necessary. They also cook and prepare food thinking carefully about health, hygiene and safety.  


The children at North Lancing Primary school will have a clear enjoyment and confidence in Design Technology and Cooking Nutrition and apply these in other areas of the curriculum. Through our carefully planned curriculum they will develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to preform everyday tasks confidently and participate successfully in the wider world. They will gain a firm foundation of knowledge and skills which will equip them in further learning and adult life.

The knowledge and skills of the Design Technology and Cooking Nutrition curriculum are assessed ongoingly and evident in the evaluations carried out by the children after completing and reflecting upon projects. A whole school, summative assessment is completed termly which informs the DT lead of areas for curriculum development, gaps in pupil understanding or training requirements for the staff.